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We are a boutique luxury travel design firm passionate about helping you explore the world in a unique and memorable way. We want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with elements that feel special, fulfilling, and impactful. We want to help you create lasting memories that become conversation starters – memories that become tools for you to enlighten and inspire others. 

The foundation of our process is a client-first perspective, meaning we use your vision as the basis of our recommendations, advice, and planning. Ultimately, this is your trip and we want it to feel true-to-you. Our business model isn’t built on minimums or quotas, but rather the quality of relationships that we build with our clients.

Hi, I'm Ninwa

My travels over the years have brought me to deserts, cities, mountains, and seas. They have brought me to stunning, high-end properties and luxurious, serene spas. They have taken me on all sorts of active, adrenaline-rushing adventures.  But most importantly, my travels have given me unforgettable experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life; impactful experiences that exposed me to diverse cultures, religions, & people and changed my perspective of the world. Now my mission is to help others feel the same.

My Story

Like many of you, I consider travel to be part of my DNA; I’ve been traveling since before I could even walk. Having parents from the Middle East, travel was an inherent part of our lives as it connected us to our relatives, our homeland, and our cultural identity. My fondest childhood memories were summers spent overseas with loved ones; I’d spend the entire school year eagerly counting down the days until we would go back. I attended an international high school in my teens and lived in three major cities during college and beyond, all of which gave me further exposure and a better sense of the world.  

Do what you love
and you’ll never work a day
 in your life

spent the first half of my professional career in the humanitarian field working on causes that I’m truly passionate about. While I was able to travel extensively and do fulfilling work, the heavy topics eventually had me feeling burnt out. I decided to take the lighter elements of the job that I loved such as exploring the world and immersing in other cultures and transition to the travel industry. I previously worked for a large, reputable tour operator for a number of years specializing in the Middle East & North Africa, giving me the opportunity to further explore the region near-and-dear to my heart. During my personal time, I took every opportunity I could to explore the world and learn as much as I could about other regions. For me, travel isn’t just a job or a hobby; it’s a commitment, a mindset, and a lifestyle. 

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Whether you are looking for someone to assist with every detail or a more laid-back approach, we can be as involved or as little as you’d like. We offer destinations on every continent to appeal to each travelers’ specific tastes and interests